Thatching and Aerating

Keeping a lawn healthy goes beyond proper watering and fertilizing. Our team has the tools and know-how to keep your lawn in top shape, or remedy any problems that the turf may be experiencing.

If you suspect that your lawn may be suffering from problems relating to excessive thatch build up, Yard Butlers can help:

  • Excessive moisture or poor drainage
  • Areas of dry or dead material
  • Pale-looking grass or patchy grass
  • Nutrient imbalances


Pros and Cons of Lawn Thatching

  • Healthy levels of thatching helps maintain soil temperature for roots and protects against damage due to extremes of temperature.
  • Proper thatching maintains soil moisture and nutrients.
  • Good thatching can help provide strength and resiliency for grass that receives lots of foot traffic from people and animals.
  • Over-thatched lawns leads to rapid root development in the thatched layer, which can lead to desiccation during hot temperatures and root rot in damp conditions.
  • Overly-thatched lawns have more trouble holding onto proper moisture and nutrients.
  • Thickly thatched lawns provide ideal habitats for insects and other pests that could be damaging to the garden or people and animals.