Edmonds Landscaping

Edmonds is known as one of the most up-and-coming small towns in the Pacific Northwest. The popular city attracts visitors for the special sunsets, and just by driving through the city, you can tell homeowners care about their landscaping.

Good design is the most important aspect of every project. We consider your property’s unique attributes and challenges to create a plan which meets your wants and needs. We’ll also make sure the right plants are chosen for your Edmonds home to make sure your landscape thrives and can be properly maintained.


Edmonds Residential Landscaping

Our philosophy and highly experienced Edmonds landscape design skills make us the number one Edmonds residential landscaping optionEdmonds is a prideful cityHomeowners take pride in their Edmonds home’s landscaping. The Yard Butlers are suited to tackle your Edmonds residential landscaping project better than the other guys 


Edmonds Commercial Landscaping

Our commercial landscaping team understands things like the environment. Each crew member knows the precise time for prepping, planting, treating, maintaining and renewing to keep your Edmonds grounds looking great throughout the year. As Edmonds’s premium option for commercial landscapers, The Yard Butlers help maintain the Edmonds commercial landscaping that you already have, or help you design a new Edmonds landscape that will help your Edmonds business landscaping stand out and succeed!