Magnolia Landscaping

Magnolia is the sort of neighborhood where your parents could let you go off with your friends and know you’ll be safe. Our residential landscaping services match the same values as that… Trust. To achieve the exact look you want, we work with you in choosing the look & feel for your Magnolia home’s landscaping. We plant all kinds of trees, including evergreen, native, flowering, shade trees, and much more.

We also make sure water is diverted strategically through various drainage features, such as retaining walls and hardscapes. Well-designed drainage is important to prevent damage to structures, mold buildup, and drowning of expensive plants.


Magnolia Residential Landscaping

Magnolia is home to some of Seattle’s finest residential landscaping. Our team of qualified Magnolia expert residential landscapers are here to help build you the perfect Magnolia front and/or backyard. For example, Japanese garden themes, or an alpine meadow theme. There is not just one style of Magnolia residential landscaping. As your Magnolia residential landscaper professionals, we’ll help you design any theme your imagination dreams of.  


Magnolia Commercial Landscaping

The Yard Butlers understand every type of terrain, and Magnolia commercial landscaping requires an understanding for precise time for prepping, planting, treating, maintaining and renewing to keep your Magnolia commercial landscaping grounds looking great throughout the year. This degree of immersion sharpens proficiency and primes a Magnolia commercial landscaping crew for the distinctions and challenges unique to Magnolia commercial landscaping projects and maintenance requirements.