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landscaper-service-edmonds-waYard Butlers have been serving the local Edmonds area for over 30 years now, and provide the best in residential landscaping and a variety of other landscape service options.

With well over three decades of experience in the residential landscaping business, you wont find a more qualified landscaper in or around the Edmonds area; however that is not the only thing that sets our company apart.

We believe that our biggest edge on the competition is our commitment to honesty and excellence in every landscape service that we do.

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Most people attribute higher pricing or padded bids when it comes to the phrase “custom residential landscaping”, or “premium landscape service”, however that isn’t the case when you call the Yard Butlers. We have built our company with a focus to be a service to those unable to lift heavy plants, or push heavy lawn mowers; not just the wealthy.


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The Yard Butlers have made a name for ourselves as a landscaper in the Edmonds WA commercial areas as well. By providing affordable solutions to up keeping commercial landscaping for businesses all over the area, the Yard Butlers are the Edmonds WA area’s most reliable solution to ensuring you commercial and residential landscaping stays beautiful year ‘round.


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landscaping-service-edmonds-waFor many people when they think of residential landscaping, they picture what happens after a new home is built, and a contractor comes in  and simply throws up some inexpensive bushes and rolls out a lawn.  Each house in the neighborhood looks exactly the same.

But at the Yard Butlers, residential landscaping means so much more. We are highly experienced in every type of service from highly custom thematic residential landscaping, to careful year around residential landscaping maintenance.

This wide variety of services we offer gives our team a huge edge over our competition and allows us to efficiently service all of your needs - whether new installation, maintenance, or design - and keep our rates incredibly affordable.

If you live anywhere around the Edmonds WA area and are looking for a solution to your commercial or residential landscape needs; don’t throw your trust and money at the first name to pop up in the phone book.

Call the local Edmonds landscape service company and let the Yard Butlers show you why we are Edmonds best choice in commercial and residential landscaping!

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